Grammar Captive’s First Newsletter Delivery

You can now sign up for a Grammar Captive account and receive your first free copy of Seven Gates, Grammar Captive’s weekly newsletter in your email box.   Now, what is cool!

After having received the newsletter you have three choices available to you in the newsletter.  If you

  1. subscribed and now change your mind, you can unsubscribe.
  2. did not subscribe, but like what you find, you can subscribe.
  3. subscribed when you opened your account, and you like what you find, simply do nothing and receive the next and every future edition free of charge thereafter.

What to do?

  1. Open to Grammar Captive’s main page and follow the second splash panel to Gate 7.
  2. Proceed to the last panel of the gate and sign up where it says Free Gifts.
  3. Just do as you are instructed thereafter.





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