Gate Seven Is Now Working!

After some minor code adjustments Gate Seven visitor behavior is now being properly tracked and reported.  The data residue from the confusion that existed before the adjustments has not yet been removed though and must await Grammar Captive’s server upgrade that is just around the corner.  Within days Grammar Captive will be operating in a scalable cloud environment with streaming — a great place to be for a start-up company with many future unknowns.

Although the move has yet to be consummated a new venue for Grammar Captive has been found, and the rude interruption that has prevented further podcast development will soon be brought to an end just in time for fall production.

In the meantime, more tracking and reporting can be expected in the several weeks ahead.  One important new concept to which you might look forward is something called goal tracking!

Have a great weekend, if you do not hear from me again before!


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