Autumn Equinox

On this day, once a year, but never the same, the amount of light and darkness in the sky today are the same. From this day on until winter, if you are living in the northern hemisphere, each day will be filled with increasing amounts of darkness.

Be not afraid, for the light is always there, simply you will not see it, as much as before. You must now find it within.

On this day, once a year, but never the same, the amount of light and darkness in the sky today are the same. From this day on until summer, if you are living in the southern hemisphere, each day will be filled with increasing amounts of lightness.

Enjoy the light, but do not be fooled, for still the light that you must find is within, else the light outside turns into darkness even when the sky appears to be lit.


Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is the longest day of the year, if you live in the northern hemisphere, and the shortest day of the year, if you live in the southern hemisphere. Of course, if you live along the equator, you will have experienced no change in the amount of light or darkness since the spring equinox.

In the end, it is what you have done or not done, and will continue to do or not do in the light and darkness that counts most. All the rest, is just accommodation to an ever changing world with distinguishable patterns.

The Mount Cambitas website at the Spirit of 2021 online domain for which development of the Grammar Captive website has been put on hold is moving forward, largely as planned. Simply, some things are more important than others, and money is more important than any lingua franca. For, a lingua franca without money would be just a bunch of inconsequential chatter, and money can be used with any language.

I hope you enjoy the celebration, or non-celebration depending on where you live. One might assume that the further away from the equator that you live, the greater will be your celebration.


Spring Equinox!

This missive is a little late in coming as spring is already upon us, but for those near the equator they have surely noticed little, if not anything at all.

For those of us to the north the transition into spring is of enormous importance, however. And, for those in the south the transition is quite the opposite. For, in the north light will overcome darkness, and in the south light will cede unto same.

To what extent the universe cares about such a teeny change in its grand magnificence I do not know. For those of us on our teeny planet called earth, however, the experience can mean so very much.

For, as life comes into bloom in the north, death overcomes life in the south. And, at some point we must all experience both.


2022 Countdown

Day 12 beginning with the winter solstice of 2021.

Today is the first day of the new solar year 2022. It is on this day that people living along the equator will see the star Sirius directly overhead. For everyone living in the northern hemisphere the star will be seen above the horizon in the middle of the sky, but not directly overhead. Unfortunately, those living in the southern hemisphere will not be able to see the star at all, and must trust the eyes of those who live in the north.

And yes, I apologize, the countdown was not really a count down; it was a count up, and if anyone was confused by the direction of the count, you are welcome to demand further apology on my part. Simply, before I could count down properly, I needed to be able to count up to the point from which I wished to count down. And, the word countup has yet to appear in any of my dictionaries.

Next year you will experience a true countdown. I promise. And, I have yet to become a politician, although this could change very soon.

So, without further à dieu, please allow me to wish everyone a sagacious and salutary Happy (Solar) New Year!


ps. Now, if anyone would like to travel from the south to the north and back again and can pay his or her own way, I would be happy to put him or her up for a night to see the star of Sirius somewhere in the middle of the north sky. Just make sure that you come across the border legally, as I do not want ICE knocking on my door and accusing me of harboring an illegal alien.

This, by the way, is not a “JAB” against ICE, for they do exactly what our government is suppose to do when given a chance to do their job properly and are not hindered by the small minds in Congress who are cluttering our streets with addicted junkies fed by cross-border drug traffickers.

Then too, I live in a “BLUE” state — one of those whose government officials cater to the wealthy, and believe that our nation’s producers should feed, clothe, and shelter all of world’s criminals and other non-producers — including those at the top who tend to the little minds of those who fill the halls of our Congress and our respective State legislatures, county boards, and city councils.

In the end, the “woke” still have something to teach those of us who have yet to awaken. Unfortunately, it is not the lesson that the “woke” want us to learn; rather, it is the lesson that we all should have learned before the “woke” awakened us. Our government and our market place have been corrupted by counterfeit currency (soft money), and we need to put an end to it.

Check it out! Ave Verum at Substack!