The Autumn Equinox

It is that time of year in the northern hemisphere,
when darkness begins to overtake light.

That we become especially vigilant,
For in the cool of the night
Those with energy plot their evil
That we would shiver in the shadows
Of their wealth and power.

Do not be disillusioned. Hold firm!
Remain strong. The law is on our side.
We have only to cherish our noble documents
And make them manifest in our daily lives.
In the end, we are the people, and they are few.

The slavery of our past is not gone;
It has been replaced with debt
Created by those who would pretend
To care and provide for us.
They are charlatans. Believe them not.

Each must care for himself in cooperation
With everyone else who believes the same.
Shun the freeloaders, the entitlement seekers,
And those who make promises
That they can nary keep.