Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas! And, joy unto the world’s Christian community. To everyone else who is considerate of the beliefs of others I wish peace and prosperity. That our species prosper so that we may continue to unlock the mysteries of our universe!
From a tolerant non-believer who believes in something greater than religion — the human spirit!

RSS Feed Established

When blog entries posted by me via email are made on the Grammar Captive blog page, they automatically appear on the Grammar Captive home page in abbreviated form as an RSS feed.
This feature can be extended to other members of the Grammar Captive community.
Roddy A. Stegemann, A.B., M.A., M.A. Telephone: +1 206 291 8468
Hing Hay Coworks 409B Maynard Ave., South Seattle, Washington 98104

Test Entry

Grammar Captive bloggers are now able to post their entries to the Grammar Captive blog page directly from their email accounts.

You have only to demonstrate your loyalty to Grammar Captive and request that your email account be designated for direct access.


New Home

Until a large student base has been developed I have decided to host the Webinar Series on the Grammar Captive webpage at Webinar Series.

The page may not be as sophisticated as that provided by the recently employed WordPress plug-in, but I do have more control over the functionality and appearance of what I post when I set it up by myself.