Visitor Profile Dysfunction Repaired

While waiting to rebuild the MySQL data table that houses the Sevengates Newsletter the dysfunction in the Sponsor Overview pages has been repaired. The following panels are now fully functional: Your Data and You, Sponsor Overview, Event Profiles, and Splash Panel.

The Word Cloud functionality will remain dysfunctional until the MySQL data table has been restored, and the lack of correspondence between the number of Unique Visitors and Total Visits in the Graphs and Charts panel remains an unsolved mystery.

The corrupted MySQL data table appears to be related to the overall performance of the site. This problem is currently under investigation.


Mecab or macabre?

In an effort to make the multilingual letter data table searchable in Japanese Grammar Captive installed a Japanese language parser built for MySQL. The result has been a corrupted data table and a complete breakdown in one’s ability to view any of the newsletters no matter the language or edition.

It is likely that the entire table will have to be rebuilt.


Restoration of RSS Feeds

In “celebration” of the New Year Yahoo closed down a free service that sustained Grammar Captive’s WordPress RSS feeds. A new free service has been found and the feeds have been restored.

Other than the several projects that were still under way at the end of the year, no further development is being planned until a suitable place to podcast has been found and podcasting can begin.