Apology & Next Step

Grammar Captive would like to apologize for the misleading link provided in its last post. Although the link lead to the proper page, the information that the page loaded was incorrect. This problem has been rectified, and you can verify the correction by looking to see that all of the Arab text is aligned right when the link is clicked.

Important progress has been made toward rectifying the problems associated with Grammar Captive’s word clouds. Of the three outstanding problems two have been resolved:

  1. Javascript’s inability to handle Arabic script automatically. (Solved)
  2. Wordcloud2’s inability to handle large amounts of data. (Solved)
  3. The spamming of Grammar Captives custom search engines. (Unsolved)

Although it was initially believed that Grammar Captive was spamming itself through improper use of Matomo, additional research suggests that the spamming originates from a third-party. As soon as the introduction of ImagelessCaptcha is introduced — hopefully by this week’s end, the source of the spamming should become clear.


Two Steps Forward

The stuttering scroll of the GC Tutor insert has been resolved. Apparently, the .animate( ) function is context sensitive and was triggering more functions than were necessary for the achievable task. You can see the correction in action by clicking first on https://tutor.grammarcaptive.com and then again on the phrase And, more … in the text that appears in the main panel of the Grammar Captive mainpage.

In addition, Grammar Captive’s new QR Box has proven to be very handy.

Today, while seated in a café, I asked a young Korean student to scan a copy of Grammar Captive’s QR Box that I had loaded as an item into iBooks on my SmartPhone. It took her directly to the GC Tutor webpage. When the webpage opened, she asked, “English tutor?”. I answered, “Yes” and thanked her for her help.

Without the QR Box things would not have been nearly as magical. Thank you, Chris Barnett, for the suggestion.