MySQL Database

After several weeks of research and experimentation with the ins and outs of data base management, file manipulation, and RSS feed creation I have completed structuring the first table of the Seven Gates weekly newsletter.
In addition, the channel and item elements for the weekly podcasts have been selected, formatted, and are ready for uploading to Grammar Captive’s MySQL database.

Eventually two separate RSS feeds will be created: one for the newsletter and one for the podcasts. Different feed formats including RSS 2.0, RDF, and ATOM will be created and modified according to their respective hosts.

Everything will be automated to the greatest degree possible.

The new scheduled launch date for both the newsletter and podcasts is September 11, 2017, or thereabouts.


Video Shoot

In an effort to improve the quality of Grammar Captive’s introductory video Grammar Captive has partnered with Precarious Heights. Soon the current video will be replaced with a new one, and you will not have to download the entire video before watching it.

In the meantime the development of Seven Gates, Grammar Captive’s automated weekly newsletter and podcast feeds continues forward. With three different ways to produce a feed and an entire new language the task has been more daunting than originally anticipated.


XML – The Language of the Podcast

Podcasts and RSS feeds depend on the language of XML for their storage, manipulation, and publication. As Seven Gates. Grammar Captive’s weekly newsletter, and Grammar Captive’s weekly podcasts are a closely linked production effort, it has been decided to integrate the creation of the requisite XML into the form that produces the content for the Seven Gates newsletter template.

Alas, the form that produces the content for the newsletter is no longer complete and a new sub-project is underway.

If any one senses a summer, rather than a spring podcast launch, you are probably not in error. As Grammar Captive is related to formal education, it would be better to launch at the beginning of the summer term than at the end of the spring term, and the fall term (the ideal launch time) seems so distant.
There have simply been to many non-work related disruptions to make a spring launch very feasible at this point.

Roddy Update

With the recent relocation from Seattle’s chinatown to the heart of downtown Seattle still another important interruption in Grammar Captive’s development was necessary — an update and upgrade of’s website.

Nudge.Online is Grammar Captive’s host firm and modification of the website was already planned in advance of Grammar Captive’s launch. Simply the order of events has been reversed due to the unexpected relocation.

Other things equal it is hoped that the relocation to downtown Seattle will produce a more stimulating environment for entrepreneurial development.