Replaced Troublesome Localized Timetable

The troubled Time Schedule option in the Availability menu has been removed and replaced with something much simpler and likely more effective due to its simplicity and cross-device and platform flexibility.

Localization was an important priority when the site first began, but I have come to realize that it will only truly be effective when the entire website is localized in all its aspects — a milestone on a still very distant mountain.


Accuracy and Elegance

Sometimes the need to celebrate is so great that we finish by celebrating too soon.  Indeed, a careful second look at the old graph revealed inconsistency in the two sets of data that were being compared.

It turns out that Matomo’s serverDate parameter was the wrong parameter for tracking visitor data.  So, I  switched parameters and reformatted the chart label so that it now appears even more elegant than before!  But, I will not celebrating again for a while, as there remains so much more to do.



A Little Celebration

It was no easy task producing Grammar Captive’s first graphical display, so I thought I would celebrate the occasion by adding a little technical sophistication to the graph.

Once again, look for the menu option Graphs & Charts under Visitor Profile menu in the navigation bar on the Grammar Captive mainpage.




A New Milestone

Grammar Captive has just generated its first time series graph based on visitor behavior.  You may view it by clicking of the Graphs & Charts option in the Visitor’s Profile menu of the mainpage’s navigation bar.

It is a modest beginning, but the foundation has finally been laid.


No Empty Promises

We do not always get things in the way that we want, but if we want them badly enough we do eventually get them.

Accordingly, at Grammar Captive you might not always get what you want when you want it, but if Grammar Captive promises to provide it, eventually you do get it!  Grammar Captive has just posted its first graph on the Graphs & Charts panel.  (Just click on the Graphs & Charts option under Visitor Profile in the navigation bar on the Grammar Captive mainpage.)

Now, the chart’s content has nothing to do with Grammar Captive, but it is a far better indicator of what is to come than an otherwise blank page with a lot of words and no image.

Not only are the promised graphs and charts more aesthetic and more flexible than what Matomo has to offer, but they will be obtained without the unwanted excess exposure to the Grammar Captive data base.

Podcasts in October?  I have never felt more confident, but who is to say, Grammar Captive’s destiny does not depend on me alone.

Persistence and determination are what make success possible.  They are, however, not a guarantee; it will be the content that will make or break Grammar Captive’s success.

Let’s wait and see.



Fixed the iPhone Alignment Problem for GC Tutor

Reformatted the entire GC Tutor insertion panel in order to  fix the smartphone alignment problem.  Revised the time schedule for GC Tutor and made it easier to find the language-specific weekly time schedule.  Next-up is to fix the language-specific time-schedule so that it reads properly in one’s own language.  It was working before the server and PHP upgrade.

Most of the subscription panels are also working again including

  • Gate Seven of the Grammar Captive Splash Panel
  • the Free Consultation Insertion Panel
  • the Newsletter Insertion Panel, and
  • the Weekly Podcasts Insertion Panel


Smartphones, Time Series, and Podcasting

Although there remain several minor glitches that still need to be addressed, the design of the Grammar Captive website has been substantially upgraded for smartphone users.

My new Centos 7.5 operating environment has proven to be a nightmare for new software installation.  I am simply not up to the task and do not wish to spend any more time with it.  This said,  time-series data remains on the agenda.

If all goes well, podcasting will begin next month.

Sorry for the continued delay.  Although a proper work environment for the task has been found, other matters have delayed setting up.