In order to podcast and produce quality webinars I must find a professional sound room that I know will always be there when I need it and does not depend on my precarious living situation.  This can be achieved only through additional expense.

In order to raise the money to pay for such a place I have decided to make Grammar Captive more available to University of Washington students.  To this end I have created a subdomain with a direct link to the GC Tutor panel of the Grammar Captive mainpage.

It took a not so brilliant change in the Seattle weather to provide the brilliant inspiration for the webpage!

The next step is to advertise on campus with fliers posted everywhere where it is permitted.


Something Very Good Around the Corner

There is something very good around the corner, but it is not podcasts — well, at least, not yet.  I have spent the entire week learning the ins and outs of the Greenstock AP, and I am very excited about incorporating it into Grammar Captive’s Podcast Hostpage and elsewhere.  It has been good to get away from Matomo for a while.

I still have not found an appropriate place to podcast, but I am following a step-by-step process in an effort to find something secure and lasting.


Rarely As Expected!

An important part of entrepreneurship is embracing the unexpected, because things rarely go as planned in unchartered territory.

In short, I fear that my situation will once again compel me to postpone the production of Grammar Captive’s first completed podcast for still another month or even a full academic term.

In order to deal with the unexpected, the entrepreneur cannot sit idly by and allow the decisions of others to get in his way.  He must remain flexible and endure each and every hardship as it occurs.  Fortunately, I have little shortage of endurance, and long turn-around times from my host server has taught me the art of multi-tasking.  Here is the new agenda until I better know, if podcasting can begin as planned:

  1. Write a PHP class factory for PHPMailer that will allow me to use the same code for all email communication with “grammar captives”  including newsletter subscription email, newsletter delivery email, webinar sign-up and notification email, authorization email, confirmation email, password renewal email, and the like.
  2. Create a timed depository for data obtained from Grammar Captive’s custom Matomo server in an effort to speed up the rendering of graphs and data.  User’s simply have to wait too long to see what they want with the current set-up.
  3. Convert the images of the seven gates on the Grammar Captive podcast homepage into rotating blocks for the purpose of affiliate and sponsor advertisements.
  4. Implement the MeCab parser to enable Japanese the same ability to search the Grammar Captive archives in Japanese in the same way that others can search the archives in French, German, or English.

Headway in all of these tasks has already begun, and some are on the verge of completion.

Be on the look out for good things ahead despite any and all further postponements in production



Fanciful and Effective Code – the Difference

There is a lot of free code on the internet;  some of it is poorly written, some of it is well written, and some of it appears to be what it is not.

What I believed to be a problem of variable selection was, indeed, a problem of the code that was used to remove duplicates after the variables were selected.

Ironically, I probably would have not caught the discrepancy between serverDate and serverDatePretty had it not been for the miscoded removeDuplicates() function.

Fortunately, both discrepancies have now been addressed, and Grammar Captive’s first multi-variable graph is robust and working across all variables.