HKLNA Project

The Hong Kong Language Needs Assessment (HKLNA) Project is a policy oriented research project that was conceived in 2001.  Although the project is dedicated to the reform of Hong Kong’s English language industry, it has direct and massive implications for the world’s language industry as a whole.

The project represents several years of intense primary and secondary research that was undertaken during the second half of your host’s more than 16-year, uninterrupted sojourn in East Asia.

If the HKLNA project is not the forerunner of Grammar Captive, then Grammar Captive is certainly an open door to the HKLNA Project.  For, it is the hope of your host that many a fruitful discussion about the project’s objectives will one day take place on this very blog page.

For the moment, however, the focus of Grammar Captive must be on the actual acquisition of the English language and not the  political economy of the industry that promotes its acquisition.  The reasons for this are, of course, obvious, as many of our livelihoods depend directly on our own and others’ acquisition of the language.

In the end, however, we must not forget our children and make every possible effort to rid them and ourselves of the shackles with which we are bound even before we are born.  No person can achieve this noble feat alone, and the more people who are made aware, the better.

If you are interested in English language policy reform in specific, or government language policy in general, I strongly recommend a thorough perusal of the project’s site.