The Fall Solstice Update

It would have been nice to have everything ready to go in September, but simply put, there have been too many delays.  Important is that the temporary loss of momentum and focus has been regained.

In my effort to understand and employ AJAX I have discovered a variety of popular CRUD suites on the net. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete.  Though such suites are beyond the immediate needs of Grammar Captive, they  do provide valuable functionality beyond the mere selection and retrieval of selected podcast data that can be used  later on.   In short, another investment, another sacrifice, and another risk!  Tant pis!

In preparation for the installation of  CRUD functionality on the Grammar Captive podcast page more aesthetic and organizational enhancements have been undertaken.

When taken one step at a time, Grammar is not difficult.  When taken all at once it can be overwhelming.  An important goal of Grammar Captive is to organize and simplify with many little steps that render difficult matters clear and easy to understand.

This coming week’s focus will be on organization — a task that has already begun at Grammar Captive Weekly Podcasts.


Preview of the Podcast Hostpage

For a preview of the Grammar Captive Podcast Hostpage click on the following two links in the order given.

First Link:  Opens directly to the Grammar Captive podcast hostpage — namely, Grammar Captive Weekly Podcasts.  This is what the user will see, if he googles Grammar Captive Weekly Podcasts and clicks on the link to the page.

Second Link: Emulates what will happen if a user finds and clicks on a link or image of a Grammar Captive podcast hosted on a third-party podcast hostpage like iTunes or Stitcher.  After opening to the proxy page click on the proxy link at the bottom of the page.

Third Link:  When the Grammar Captive Weekly Podcasts page opens, the user may toggle between the newly appearing information on his selected podcast and the rest of the page.  This toggling action is emulated by clicking on the image and the phrase Podcast No. 60 just below it.

Primary Benefit: By opening to the Grammar Captive Weekly Podcast landing page via a third-party podcast hostpage, the user finds, in addition to exactly what he is looking for — namely, more information about the podcast that he just heard or is about to hear — , but also an index to all of the other podcasts that will assist him in putting the pieces together.

Now, the Grammar Captive Podcast Hostpage is far from complete, but this fundamental and convenient mechanism is solidly in place.



p.s.  Pay no mind to the inconsistency in numbers.  The inconsistency is in the database, not the technology, and the entire database will be wiped clean before launch time.


There are innovative ways that lead to problems, and there are proven ways that lead to success.  Unfortunately, the pleasure of innovation can sometimes get in the way of true achievement.

These past three weeks have led to much exploration and a mixture of successful and failed innovation.  Important is that through this exploration and the many  associated experiments I have stumbled on what might be called the best solution — AJAX.

In any case, I now have a quiver of new alternatives for what lies ahead.   This next week promises more tangible results.


The Few Last Major Hurdles

There is one more major hurdle to overcome before podcasting can begin:  the integration of a template system that is not of the email-newsletter variety.

With each call made from a different podcast different information must be retrieved and entered into the same template page.  Further, this page must automatically load with the podcast main page.

The podcast main page and  mechanism for retrieving the correct data and delivering it to the main and template pages are now ready for upload, what is left is the matter of creating the template page, getting the main and template pages to work together, and then integrating the newsletter and podcasts.