Address Change

The doubling of address notification under the menu item Contact/Info in the navigation bar has been corrected.

In addition, Grammar Captive’s new physical address has been added and the old address removed.

Further, because the content now loads only upon clicking, the email address and telephone number can no longer be picked up by alien webcrawlers that use the information for unwanted solicitation.


GC Tutor on iPad

The multi-lingual feature of GC Tutor is now available on iPad, though it remains a better entry from a computer.

The iOS operating environment does not take kindly to parallax, but at least the images that highlight the message are now visible.


More Corrective Action

It was recently discovered that the link to the author of the Grammar Captive webdesign, Hashimori Iwato (橋守岩人), was not working properly. This failure has been remedied. You can find the link at the bottom of the page, and you are of course welcome to take a look.

My apologies to the designer.


Damage Control

The still yet unexplained disappearance of the multilingual functionality of the GC Tutor landing page has been remedied and the functionality restored.

Also, the failure of the Captcha functionality in Grammar Captive’s local search engines will be restored soon. A PHP upgrade appears necessary.

Thank you for your patience. This year will be the transition year from development to production.