One Minor and One Major Adjustment

  1. Fixed the vertical alignment of the images in the podcast_hostpage.php sidebar.
  2. The Click and Listen link now appears properly on the overview.html Weekly Podasts insert.  Now you can see it without having first to pass your cursor over it!

Getting closer to the end of Grammar Captive’s first phase of web development.  If things keep moving as now, production is just around the corner.


Try it!

Pretend that you are a casual or regular reader of Seven Gates, the Grammar Captive weekly newsletter, and that you have just read an article that expresses well an idea that you were having trouble expressing in conversation with a friend on the day before.  So, you decide to share the letter.  But, how?

Fortunately, just below the article that you just read you see a Click and Share link that opens to an email with a link pointing to the article.   Now, pretend that this is the link:  Notice that the link is pointing to Edition No. 3 of the Seven Gates newsletter.

So, click on the above link, and when you have finished the article that opens in your screen, tweet the same on your Twitter account.

In effect, the same functionality that was set up for Grammar Captive’s weekly podcasts, now works for Seven Gates.

By the way, if you are interested in other editions of the newsletter, please do not hesitate to click where it says Read in the navigation bar under the heading Info/Newsletter of the same page where you just read Edition No. 3.    There are now four editions from which you can choose.

The idea for a counter is now in place.  Simply, I have to develop it.   And quickly, if at all possible.


Seven Gates – Search and Find Function

While waiting for advice in regard to the best way to count aggregate user activity, and while waiting for inspiration in regard to a failed attempt to create a generic PHP class that will handle status variables, the hiatus in desired development has been filled with less important, but still desirable new functionality — namely, a search and find function for the Seven Gates newsletter.  Just as one can search podcasts by number, so too can one now search for a specific edition of a Seven Gates newsletter.

In addition, in an effort to avoid sending the Seven Gates newsletter and other Grammar Captive correspondence into an unsuspecting user’s junk box Grammar Captive now enjoys SPF and DKIM protection, and is waiting for its DMARC protection to propagate across the internet.

It has been a very busy weekend.


Integration of New Podcast Data with Newsletter

Although not yet visible, each week’s new podcast data have been fully integrated into the Seven Gates weekly newsletter template.  Preparation will now begin on readying the newsletter for individual and mass mailing.  The second to last major hurdle before podcast production begins.

The last major hurdle will be an accounting routine to keep track of the popularity (or lack thereof) of individual podcasts.


First Important Accomplishment in 2018

The first step in integrating each week’s newsletter with each week’s podcast has been achieved.  Using MySQL prepared statements to insure security the data for a single newsletter and the data for each podcast referenced in the newsletter have been amassed on a single page.  This code can handle any number of podcasts.

The next step is to produced a completed template — namely, fill the template with the data just amassed and prepare it for mailing.


Happy New Year 2018!

In celebration of the new year Grammar Captive is proud to announce a 46 percent increase in page views with a secure connection, and a 40 percent increase in page views with an unsecured connection during the final month of the solar new year just concluded.

These recent increases have returned Grammar Captive to the trajectory that was so rudely interrupted by circumstances in late July of 2017.  If things continue to move forward as they have during the final quarter of the just passed year, Grammar Captive will launch its first podcast during the second half of the month of February, 2018.