Le captif de la grammaire anglaise en français

The first edition of the Seven Gates weekly newsletter is now available in French!  Look for the word français under the menu title Regular Updates / … / Archives in the navigation bar on the Grammar Captive mainpage.  A first edition in German is just around the corner.  And, one in Arabic is likely soon to be.

Making the first edition available in one’s own language will help relieve the overwhelming flood of English with which new visitors are confronted when they first arrive at the Grammar Captive website.  The first edition is  what visitors first receive when they subscribe to the Seven Gates newsletter.

Also, a Disclaimer and Invitation to explore have been added to the Introduction section in the navigation bar.

This is how one can spend one’s time while waiting for one’s new IP address and nameservers to propagate.


Server Upgrade Complete!

Grammar Captive is proud to announce that its server upgrade is nearly complete.  For the moment, the best evidence of the upgrade is performance.  The loading time of Grammar Captive pages has been greatly reduced.

Of course, this is merely the beginning of the new technical frontier  that is now open.   It has been a long time in coming, but we are now one very important giant step closer to a fall launch.


Gate Seven Is Now Working!

After some minor code adjustments Gate Seven visitor behavior is now being properly tracked and reported.  The data residue from the confusion that existed before the adjustments has not yet been removed though and must await Grammar Captive’s server upgrade that is just around the corner.  Within days Grammar Captive will be operating in a scalable cloud environment with streaming — a great place to be for a start-up company with many future unknowns.

Although the move has yet to be consummated a new venue for Grammar Captive has been found, and the rude interruption that has prevented further podcast development will soon be brought to an end just in time for fall production.

In the meantime, more tracking and reporting can be expected in the several weeks ahead.  One important new concept to which you might look forward is something called goal tracking!

Have a great weekend, if you do not hear from me again before!


New Category Under Visitor Profile

Grammar Captive is now tracking the behavior of the Seven Gates splash panel — Grammar Captive’s semi-dynamic, gallery-like introduction to the Grammar Captive project and website.

By way of preview, you are welcome to click on the menu option Splash Panel listed under the subheading Visitor Profile in the navigation bar on the Grammar Captive mainpage.

For the moment visitor behavior is only reported for Gate One and its associated slides.  Information for all of the gates will soon be listed in a more consolidated and more easily readable format.

From a developmental point of view this is Grammar Captive’s first segmented bulk request. In short, with one HTTP request Grammar Captive is now able to limit the amount of information that it obtains before it is reported.  This will not only speed up future reporting, but it will allow even greater precision in what is actually reported.

This is an important step forward.



Working Copy and Podcast Update

A working copy of the new Event Profiles panel is now available.  You can see it by clicking on the words Event Profiles under the subheading Visitor Profile in the navigation bar of the Grammar Captive mainpage.

As time passes many more events and ways to count them,  as well as many new event categories will be added.  Of the three pages Looking Glass, Sponsor Overview, and Event Profiles this latter will likely become the most valuable.

Two new features including a menu bar for event categories and the introduction of bulk tracking for the Your Data and You and the Sponsor Overview panels are anticipated in the near future.

I am still looking for a suitable place to complete the first podcast and create future additional podcasts.  Still another relocation has slowed development still again.

The mountain path is rocky and steep, but I like good views and the additional effort will likely be worth it.


Bulk Requests, Event Reporting, and Grammar Captive’s First Podcast

Matomo bulk requests are now possible on the Grammar Captive website and will soon be implemented in the Visitor Profile section of the Navigation Bar.  This should greatly speed up the loading time of key tracking statistics.

A new panel entitled Event Profiles has been added under the Visitor Profile section of the Navigation Bar.  Although still under construction this page will provide an important source of information for everyone involved with Grammar Captive.

Though no new progress on Grammar Captive’s first podcast has been made, a place to podcast with a consistent background environment has been found.

All should be implemented very soon.