RSS Feeds Restored

Although it is unclear how it came about, the URL used by the FeedEk application that handles Grammar Captive’s WordPress RSS feeds was pointing to the wrong web address. It is suspected that WordPress underwent a modification that rendered the old link obsolete. In any case, after some research the problem has been resolved, and you can once again observe Grammar Captive’s development as it happens.


Test and Update

A full month has past without any news. This is because making the transition to Bitbucket has been slow on the one hand, and Grammar Captive’s founder and up until now sole developer has been very busy with personal matters on the other.

It has recently been noticed that the RSS feeds have disappeared on the Grammar Captive mainpage. As there is no obvious evidence of malfunction — at least, none other than their absence — it is suspected that the absence of new posts is the cause.

Let’s see.