Matomo: Boon or Bane?

Although it was previously thought that Grammar Captive’s WordCloud functionality had been rendered dysfunctional by a change in Matomo’s reporting API, it has fortunately turned out not to be the case. In fact, it is quite the opposite, the new functionality turns out to be complementary with even more potential than previously available.

Hooray! Hooray!


Neglected Credits

Elated by Grammar Captive’s recent success in getting the Mecab parser to work I have updated Grammar Captive’s Credits menu to include a credit to the people at MySQL responsible for the Mecab parser.

To the same menu has been added a section for Technical Assistance with credit going to Chris Barnett.

In order to avoid confusion the section entitled Revision has been renamed Text Revision. Finally, my good friend Prof. Dr. Peter P. Baron was added to this section under the new subtitle German.

The Ex-Macabre Mecab

The Mecab Parser is no longer macabre.

After several months of dysfunction the corrupted newsletter database has not only been restored, but the Mecab parser is now fully functional.

This means that Japanese newsletters can now be searched in the same way that the English, French, and German versions of the newsletter can be searched. Simply type in a Japanese word and the newsletters in which it is contained will appear.

In addition, the search engines for Q&A and Podast queries has also been restored.

How was the above achieved? It was not by magic.

Apparently the Mecab parser will only work when the default language of the entire table is set to the language of the parser. Previously, only the columns were set.

Will other new developments follow soon. It is unlikely, as a stable podcasting environment has yet to be found. Maybe in the fall of 2019.