You Cannot Read What You Do Not Wtite

Obviously an untrue statement unless you are reading from a private database. So, why all the hubris?

I discovered that the variable type of the value attribute must be consistent across option elements in order to avoid complications.
In any case, the podcast category type has now been added to the form template for building RSS feeds.

The more automation now, the more substantive content later.


Grammar Captive’s 1st Anniversary

One full year has passed since the first version of the Grammar Captive website was uploaded to the internet.

It has been a very long year with numerous and major set-backs.  Still, many good things have happened.  And, in celebration of today’s anniversary, I would like to bring to your attention to the newest feature of the  developmental podcast host page.

From this moment forward each new podcast will be tagged with one of five categories including Concept, Form and Use, or one of the three Grammar Captive techniques: Clausal Analysis, Linear Analysis, and Socratic Inversion.  Not only will users be able to select podcasts according to category, but all podcasts will be listed in order of their publication with the most recent appearing first.

Under the category Chronology all podcasts, no matter their category tag are listed together in chronological order.

Although no podcast has yet been produced, click on the heading Chronology in the podcast hostpage‘s navigation bar.  You will know that you have reached the end when you have clicked on a link called Click and Listen and the selected podcast appears.  Enjoy!

It was a major technical feat to achieve this highly organized display style, but it was well worth the effort.  For now, users will be able to find what they are looking for with a minimum of effort.


Automatic Column Height Adjustment

Although not a complete solution the column heights on the podcast webpage are now equal in height no matter the amount of material contained in each.  One simply scrolls to see the rest.

Further adjustment must still be made for smart-phone viewing where absolute heights are highly undesirable.  Correcting this short-coming will be tomorrow’s adventure.

Have a good night (Seattle time)!


Category Selection and Pagination

As expected, this week was full of new surprises.  In particular, users can now select a category of podcasts and have only podcasts within that category display in chronological order beginning with the most recent first. What is more, users can scroll through the list with a pagination widget that displays only a set number of podcasts at a time.  In other words, with knowledge of the number of a particular podcast one has merely to select the page on which that podcast number is likely to be found, and it will very likely be there.  No need to scroll through the entire list!

Go to the podcast_dev_copy.php file, find the navigator bar, and click on Chronology.  Then look for the phrase Podcast Index …, and click again.  Make sure that the bottom of the resulting page is visible, for there is a surprise at the bottom.

Have a great weekend!




なお、「文法キャプチブ」の主要なページを開き、ナビバーの「Other」のメニューの下に「Time Schedule」をクリックして、日本地帯の「文法キャプチブ」の使う時間を選びやすいです。そうしたら、同様のナビバーの中「Products」のメニューの下にウェビナー又は「GC Tutor」の項目を選んで、サインアップすることもできます。




New Time Schedule

Circumstances and endeavor have made it possible for Grammar Captive to offer its paid webinars to a much larger audience.  For example,

  • Someone living in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East now has access to Grammar Captive’s online webinars throughout most of the evening.
  • Those living in Northeast, East, and Southeast Asia have access before, during, and after lunch.
  • Excluding the wee hours of the morning South and Central Americans have nearly the entire day; only late afternoon and very early evening are excluded.

What is more, SKYPE, has so advanced both in the quality of its features and performance, it is now Grammar Captive’s preferred networking utility.  If you do not SKYPE, start now.  The SKYPE platform will not cost you anything and is easy to install.  It is safe, reliable, and available to everyone.

And, if you do not like Microsoft, you can use Apple’s FaceTime or Google HangOuts.  Yes, Grammar Captive is flexible!

So, click on the words Time Schedule at the top of the Other menu in Grammar Captive’s main page navigation bar and choose a time for you.  Then, sign up for  a webinar and discover what you have been missing all along!