Charts and Graphs Update

The solution to the slow loading of visitor data is now in place. Its first implementation can be viewed in the Visit Frequency table in the Graphs and Tables option of the Visitor Profile menu.

In addition to an instantaneous upload it now covers data since January 1, 2019. With an additional CRON job it will soon be automatically updated.

More control also means an accurate display of data. The guess-work of previous data uploads has been eliminated.


A Midpoint

We are now half-way through the month of Ramadan, and sometime between yesterday and today there has been a full-moon in the Americas.

In celebration of the occasion I have posted a preview of Grammar Captive’s, not-yet-completed, first Arabic edition of Seven Gates. It is a gift from a former student from Jubail University College, Saudi Arabia. Jaffar and I have known each other since 2007. He recently became the father of his first daughter.

Congratulations, Jaffar, and thank you for your continued support!