Happy Belated Spring!

Computer woes have delayed my greeting by two days, but I am still in time for the beginning of the celebration of the month of ramadan in the western hemisphere.

If you have ever been confused about where the true direction of the east and the west lie, and you are able to put your political biases aside, and if you do not have access to a compass (check your smart phone) to remove any and all doubt (please excuse my redundancy), then this is the time to look to the sky, for nature can provide you with an accurate confirmation or disconfirmation of your doubt — with, of course, slight adjustment for my belated quarterly appearance. For, during the spring and fall equinoxes the sun rises and sets exactly where the needle of a compass would point, if it were properly set, and there were enough light for you to see.

With this may I wish you a happy month of ramadan and express my hope that your journey to the summer solstice proceeds with the greatest of energy, for nature is on our side. From now until then, our days will become longer and our nights shorter. Yes, if there is a zero sum game, then this is it.

Happy spring!