A Leap, a Bound, and Many Tiny Jumps Forward

We are nearing the point where the Grammar Captive Weekly Podcast development page will be integrated into the Grammar Captive website as a completed functional component.  Recent major upgrades include:

  1. Installation of jPlayer — the jQuery widget with which users will be able to download and listen to Grammar Captive podcasts while on the Grammar Captive webpage.  For the moment you can only download music.  Try it, anyway!
  2. Installation of jsSocials — the jQuery widget with which users will be able to share easily Grammar Captive podcasts with their friends.
  3. Users can now access the same podcast from four different avenues of approach:
    1. A third-party podcast host page selected by Grammar Captive — e.g., iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, etc.
    2. Via a friend’s entry into the user’s mailbox or shared social media account.
    3. Under the Chronology subheading of the navigation bar that will include all podcasts ever produced by Grammar Captive.
    4. Under any of the direct selection options offered under the subheadings Concept, Form and Use, and Technique.
  4. And, all of the underlying PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS structure and mechanics required to make these two widgets and several avenues of approach work smoothly within the Grammar Captive framework.

What is left is additional formatting and the direct selection of something other than a proxy podcast.

Simply do not forget to click wherever it says Click and Listen and make sure that you send a link to a friend!

It has been another great week at Grammar Captive!  I surely hope that yours has been equally productive.