Happy July 4th!

A brief greeting to those around the world who understand the true meaning of constitutional government and the dangers of the administrative state, the repugnance of empire, and the voluntarism and prosperity of capitalism untainted by inflationary money and corporate and social welfare.

May charity, grace, kindness, and a healthy competitive spirit dwell in the hearts of all.


A Tardy Summer Beginning

Hopefully Grammar Captive’s tardiness in ushering in the new summer is not a premonition for what the fall will bring.

After many weeks working on the reporting side of Matomo, work has begun on the tracking side.  Grammar Captives first three event listeners were put into place today.

Also, Grammar Captive’s introductory podcast is nearly completed.  The Intro begins with an anonymous South Asian rhythm followed by a piano étude from Chopin. The Outro has yet to be decided, but the entire podcast will likely end in some sort of drum beat.

I was once told in a personal conversation with a renown sitar player that Western and Eastern music could never meet.  As I believe in both separation and fusion, the two sounds are separated by silence and my voice.

Have a great weekend!