Mobile Friendly

Changed the ColorBox window centering option (fixed) from true to false so that the contents of the box are more viewable on small screen mobile devices.

In the end the Grammar Captive website is designed for computer use. It is NOT a mobile application. This latter will come later.


Completed Splash Panel

All seven gates of the Grammar Captive splash panel are now up and running.

It is not quite as good as I would have liked and tried to accomplish, but there is a limit on how much time one can devote to any single task.

In the end I believe that you will find it quite satisfactory. For now, the user can easily click his way through the totality of Grammar Captive in a well-organized fashion without ever truly entering the site.

Any further refinements will come at a much later date.


Coming Soon!

The expanded splash panel is nearly finished, and work will soon begin on Grammar Captive’s first podcast. The launch will be modeled after that suggested by John Lee Dumas. at Podcasters’ Paradise.
There is one major hurdle still to overcome before the launch, however — password security.
Also currently in the works is the Grammar Captive biweekly newsletter.
Grammar Captive is looking forward to a very exciting “SPRING” forward!

Splash Panel Frequency

The splash panel now appears only once when the homepage is opened from the landing page. Thereafter, the homepage can be refreshed as many times as one likes without having the splash panel reappear.

This seemingly easy task took several days of research to achieve and opened up an entirely new source of programming code. This said, the code that finally made it work is amazingly simple — a simple if-statement whose condition is the state of the window object’s performance.navigation.type property and the appending of the jQuery .off() method to the .colorbox() jQuery plugin.

Hooray! Hooray! Now I can develop the splash panel with good confidence that it will not become a burden to the user, rather an enticement for his further investigation.