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Grammar Captive is now tracking the behavior of the Seven Gates splash panel — Grammar Captive’s semi-dynamic, gallery-like introduction to the Grammar Captive project and website.

By way of preview, you are welcome to click on the menu option Splash Panel listed under the subheading Visitor Profile in the navigation bar on the Grammar Captive mainpage.

For the moment visitor behavior is only reported for Gate One and its associated slides.  Information for all of the gates will soon be listed in a more consolidated and more easily readable format.

From a developmental point of view this is Grammar Captive’s first segmented bulk request. In short, with one HTTP request Grammar Captive is now able to limit the amount of information that it obtains before it is reported.  This will not only speed up future reporting, but it will allow even greater precision in what is actually reported.

This is an important step forward.



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