Added New Tracking Report for Internal Search Engines

It is now possible to observe visitor behavior for use of  the Newsletter, Podcast, and Q&A search engines.  There are three tracking categories including Custom Search / Newsletter, Custom Search / Podcast, and Custom Search / Q&A.  There are two different kinds of click events for each category including Open Search and Reopen SearchOpen Search refers to an initial search, ReOpen Search refers to a second search within the same category after having left the category and then returned to the initial category of search.

The new behavior patterns are reported under Selected Categories in the Your Profile / Event Profiles menu option on the Grammar Captive mainpage.

This tracking is useful, because one,  it shows whether visitors are taking advantage of the Grammar Captive search engines; and two, it shows something about the way they are using the search engines to discover what they want.

Coming up is a word cloud to show for what visitors are actually looking, and eventually what Grammar Captive should be providing.


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