Grammar Captive’s !st Word Cloud!

I am happy to announce that Grammar Captive has successfully implemented its first word cloud.  Now, visitors, sponsors, and Grammar Captive can discover, at a glance, visitor tastes and interests based upon their local search activity.

Grammar Captive’s Word Cloud combines the data retrieved by Matomo from Grammar Captive’s custom local search engines with Chien Guan Tin’s 1,200 line code-byte called wordcloud2.js into a nifty display of visitor tastes and interests and the assets that Grammar Captive makes available to meet those tastes.

Open to the Grammar Captive mainpage and look for the menu-option Word Cloud in the navigation bar under the heading Visitor Profile.  And, don’t forget to click!

In addition, Grammar Captive has provided a temporary fix for the alignment problem of the middle panel for those with medium-size viewports.

Have a great weekend, if you do not hear from me again before!

And, think autumn!


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