Next Up at Grammar Captive

In further anticipation of this falls podcast production Grammar Captive is proud to announce that it has

  1. Renewed its Apple Developer’s license; the iTunes store will become Grammar Captive’s first third-party host of Grammar Captive’s weekly podcasts.  (Podcast production is temporarily on hold until can find a new permanent location better suited to Grammar Captive’s new development needs.)
  2. Initiated a contract with Lunarpages to become a commercial affiliate.  (Having been with Lunarpages since 2012 I can strongly recommend it.)  This will be Grammar Captive’s first non-educational commercial inroad.
  3. Abandoned all further pursuit of integrating Matomo’s widgets into the Grammar Captive website and will begin producing its own graphs from data collected by Matomo software.  More to come!

No, it has not been easy, but this is what it means to be an entrepreneur — the exploration of unchartered territory is filled with danger, hardship, and reward.


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