No Empty Promises

We do not always get things in the way that we want, but if we want them badly enough we do eventually get them.

Accordingly, at Grammar Captive you might not always get what you want when you want it, but if Grammar Captive promises to provide it, eventually you do get it!  Grammar Captive has just posted its first graph on the Graphs & Charts panel.  (Just click on the Graphs & Charts option under Visitor Profile in the navigation bar on the Grammar Captive mainpage.)

Now, the chart’s content has nothing to do with Grammar Captive, but it is a far better indicator of what is to come than an otherwise blank page with a lot of words and no image.

Not only are the promised graphs and charts more aesthetic and more flexible than what Matomo has to offer, but they will be obtained without the unwanted excess exposure to the Grammar Captive data base.

Podcasts in October?  I have never felt more confident, but who is to say, Grammar Captive’s destiny does not depend on me alone.

Persistence and determination are what make success possible.  They are, however, not a guarantee; it will be the content that will make or break Grammar Captive’s success.

Let’s wait and see.



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