2021 Year-end Update

You may have wondered what has happened to Grammar Captive. So much preparation, and now such a great pause in activity! No, the project has not been abandoned. Simply much had happened that stymied progress. It mostly of a technical nature, but also a sudden change of circumstance. In any case, the door was opened to more thought and invention, and something more important — well, at least to me, and I believe to the world as a whole — snuck in.

You can find out more at aveverum.substack.com, or https://www.nudge.online.

For the moment, I wish everyone my very best for the upcoming New Year!


عيد فطر مبارك

ُTo my Saudi friends and Muslims around the world,

I wish everyone who is true to his faith and tolerant of the beliefs of others the very best on this happiest of holidays.

My greatest sympathy to the Palestinians who continue to live in the shadow of Israeli oppression in a land once shared peacefully by Arabs, Jews, Christians, and others.