Address Change

The doubling of address notification under the menu item Contact/Info in the navigation bar has been corrected.

In addition, Grammar Captive’s new physical address has been added and the old address removed.

Further, because the content now loads only upon clicking, the email address and telephone number can no longer be picked up by alien webcrawlers that use the information for unwanted solicitation.


GC Tutor on iPad

The multi-lingual feature of GC Tutor is now available on iPad, though it remains a better entry from a computer.

The iOS operating environment does not take kindly to parallax, but at least the images that highlight the message are now visible.


More Corrective Action

It was recently discovered that the link to the author of the Grammar Captive webdesign, Hashimori Iwato (橋守岩人), was not working properly. This failure has been remedied. You can find the link at the bottom of the page, and you are of course welcome to take a look.

My apologies to the designer.


Damage Control

The still yet unexplained disappearance of the multilingual functionality of the GC Tutor landing page has been remedied and the functionality restored.

Also, the failure of the Captcha functionality in Grammar Captive’s local search engines will be restored soon. A PHP upgrade appears necessary.

Thank you for your patience. This year will be the transition year from development to production.


Happy New Year!

In celebration of the New Year Grammar Captive has completed a long awaited task. GC Tutor is now available in five languages: Arabic, French, German, Japanese, and of course, English.

If your browser language is any of the above, the GC Tutor webpage will now open in that language and upon clicking where appropriate will take you to a panel on the Grammar Captive mainpage that will open in your language, as well. Try it at

Happy New Year! There are many more good things to come at Grammar Captive.

And, thank you, Jafar, for your timeliness!


RSS Feeds Restored

Although it is unclear how it came about, the URL used by the FeedEk application that handles Grammar Captive’s WordPress RSS feeds was pointing to the wrong web address. It is suspected that WordPress underwent a modification that rendered the old link obsolete. In any case, after some research the problem has been resolved, and you can once again observe Grammar Captive’s development as it happens.


Test and Update

A full month has past without any news. This is because making the transition to Bitbucket has been slow on the one hand, and Grammar Captive’s founder and up until now sole developer has been very busy with personal matters on the other.

It has recently been noticed that the RSS feeds have disappeared on the Grammar Captive mainpage. As there is no obvious evidence of malfunction — at least, none other than their absence — it is suspected that the absence of new posts is the cause.

Let’s see.


Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication has been added to Grammar Captive’s WordPress site. It is one additional layer of security to ward off unwanted intruders and mischief-makers.

The credits that went missing several months ago, when the current version of Grammar Captive was replaced with a less contemporary back-up have finally been restored. Also, new credits are on their way! These latter must wait, however, until Grammar Captive has realized its first online, team effort using Atlassian’s Bitbucket versioning software.

It is the recent implementation of this software that has created the delay in the uploading of Grammar Captive’s new, multilingual GC Tutor pages.

Setting up Bitbucket is likely an easy task for most. The current soft- and hardware constraints to which Grammar Captive will remain subject for some time into the future has made the integration of this software especially difficult.

Alas, unlike corrupt government’s around the world, Grammar Captive must live and develop within its means.


The Week Ahead

A sound understanding of the grammar of one’s target language can greatly accelerate one’s mastery of the target language as a whole. A sound understanding of the grammar of one’s own native language makes learning the grammar of one’s target language so much easier.

There are plenty of native English speakers on the internet looking to make a buck, but there are few who can teach their own language’s grammar very well. There are far many fewer who can provide that knowledge in the native language of their own students.

The multilingual nature of Grammar Captive is an important first advantage in such a market place. During the week ahead Grammar Captive will develop a language specific, GC Tutor, introductory page for each of Grammar Captive’s second languages.

First on the list is English to Arabic.


GIT Has Arrived!

GIT is a kind of versioning software that is widely used among software developers. It is designed for orderly team development and has been newly introduced as an integral part of the Grammar Captive project.

Mind you there is still a lot to learn about the use of GIT and BitBucket, but already a private repository for Grammar Captive has been created and an invitation sent out and accepted. Thank you, Atlassian!

In order to grow one must make room for others. BitBucket is Grammar Captive’s first step in this direction.