Mass Mailing Update

Although still in its test phase Grammar Captive has just sent its first successful multipart (MIME) email message using PHPMailer — the software selected by Grammar Captive for the purpose of mass mailing.

Two messages (one containing ASCII script — namely, English — and one containing Japanese) in both the address line and body were sent. Both messages contained images.  Both were successfully transmitted over a secure TLS/SSL connection.

Though a small issue, it was discovered during the experimentation that copies cannot be sent to recipients when the name is included in the address line. In short,

CC: Hashimori Iwato <> NOT OK

Still users must be warned.

Arabic was not attempted, but will surely work.  This is because both use the same character set — namely, UTF-8.


MIME Messages

Multipart Messages are messages that contain tesx, HTML, embedded images, and attachments. They are the handsome messages that attract your eye and encourage you to read more.

Using the PHP’s Mail_mime class Grammar Captive is now able to produce multipart messages.


Internet Security

The problem of security has been resolved more quickly than I thought.

LunarPages, the web host for the Grammar Captive website offers its users something called Shared SSL.

Already I have incorporated Shared SSL into those webpages that request personal information from users.

You can read about how Shared SSL works under the new subheading called Internet Security on the Grammar Captive homepage.