Splash Panel Frequency

The splash panel now appears only once when the homepage is opened from the landing page. Thereafter, the homepage can be refreshed as many times as one likes without having the splash panel reappear.

This seemingly easy task took several days of research to achieve and opened up an entirely new source of programming code. This said, the code that finally made it work is amazingly simple — a simple if-statement whose condition is the state of the window object’s performance.navigation.type property and the appending of the jQuery .off() method to the .colorbox() jQuery plugin.

Hooray! Hooray! Now I can develop the splash panel with good confidence that it will not become a burden to the user, rather an enticement for his further investigation.


Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas! And, joy unto the world’s Christian community. To everyone else who is considerate of the beliefs of others I wish peace and prosperity. That our species prosper so that we may continue to unlock the mysteries of our universe!
From a tolerant non-believer who believes in something greater than religion — the human spirit!

RSS Feed Established

When blog entries posted by me via email are made on the Grammar Captive blog page, they automatically appear on the Grammar Captive home page in abbreviated form as an RSS feed.
This feature can be extended to other members of the Grammar Captive community.
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