Winter Has Arrived in Seattle

On Friday I watched from my window at Galvanize (’s most recent home) in Pioneer Square as snow fell.  Of course, it did not stick, because Seattle is rarely cold enough even for there to be ice.  In contrast, everyone is waiting for Grammar Captive to warm up and keep its promise of free podcast content.  Please be patient, for we are nearly there!

Last week we added a listing and pagination feature for the podcast categories of Clausal Analysis, Linear Analysis, and Socratic Inversion, as well as a similar feature for all categories of podcasts according to their order of publication — namely, Chronology.  Further, work was begun on the podcast categories of Concept and Form and Use.  As the podcasts in these latter two categories contain  more refined content, a different sorting technique must be applied: podcasts will be selected individually with links to other closely related podcasts.

All of the above is to make it easy for users to find what they want quickly and easily, and in a manner that is conceptually conducive to further study and exploration.

In light of the above, a new credit was added for Flavius Matis and Bilal Akil.  It was simplePagination that made the pagination of the new listings possible. If you want to learn more, look for simplePagination under Credits in the Grammar Captive navigation bar.

Also, a new Thank You note has been added for private students who pay with PayPal or PayPal’s credit card options, but who do not participate in the more regularly scheduled webinar series.  Cool is that, when you click on Roddy’s image you return to the Grammar Captive host page in such a manner that the pop-up windows do not reappear.  The assumption is, of course, that you have already seen them and do not want to see them again.  Then too, if you want to see the slide show, either again or for the first time, without having to reload the page, you can simply click on Roddy’s image again after the page has opened and the show will reappear!

I will do my best to complete the sections on Concept and Form and Use this week, but there can be no guarantee, as I am still new to MySQL as I am new to just about everything else with regard to web development.

Once this aspect of the Weekly Podcast host page is complete, I will integrate the host page with the Grammar Captive main page, whereupon the task of bringing podcast, newsletter, and subscription together in one smooth motion will be undertaken.

As of yesterday the United States have quit the practice of Daylight Saving time  for another year.  So, please be aware of the one hour shift if you are not in the Seattle time zone.  Already scheduled students can keep their old time, but not yet scheduled students will have to adjust to the new.

Have a great week!


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