Knowing When to Stop

An artist could spend his entire life painting one picture and die in poverty with little or no feedback about what he had actually accomplished.  Or, he can paint many pictures, share each with the world, and earn a living doing what he loves most — paint.  In effect, a successful artist knows when to stop and move on to his next painting.

And, so it is with Grammar Captive.  We are nearing the end of our second major painting and have begun the integration of the Grammar Captive Weekly Podcast page with the Grammar Captive main page.

Now, when you open to the main page, and click on the phrase Weekly Podcasts in the navigation bar, not only do you open to a brief description of the most recently produced podcast, but also to a link that takes you to the same, but more elaborated podcast on the Grammar Captive Weekly Podcast host page.  There you need only Click and Listen for a second time and the podcast is yours!

After a little more refurbishing of the podcast insert on the main page, the integration of Grammar Captive podcasts and the Seven Gates newsletter will begin.  Indeed, we are much closer to real podcast production than we have ever been before!  I am very excited.


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Life is full of surprises. Still, you can quit at anytime, if you have grown weary of their outcome. For, after all, survival is but a first step; it is a primitive instinct that does not distinguish us, humans, from other animals. Accordingly, if it is all that you can achieve in life, do not be surprised that others treat you like an ordinary animal. Alas, if it is all there is left, and you have grown weary, it is good justification to depart. Before you go, however, look deep inside and determine if you are not the cause of your own demise. For, in the end, society owes you nothing, and even your parents are likely to forsake you, if you have not been grateful. Have you said thanks for all that you have received, and have you given in return for all that you have taken? John F. Kennedy once stated "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country". Obviously, he was not thinking of taxes, but the help that he would require to become an effective president. Little that is great can be achieved alone. Then too, it takes great leaders to motivate society and move it forward in a manner that will pave the way to a better tomorrow. The world is in need of good leaders. Maybe you are one of them in disguise. Indeed, no one owes you a living, but if people see you struggling they are apt to lend a hand. Just do not be afraid to reach out. And, do not quit, if nothing is given in return. For, many people simply do not care, and you must not let them get you down. You have a right to your own life and the pursuit of your own happiness, so do not be afraid to claim what is yours. Just do not take what belongs to others, if it not without their permission or obtained in fair competition. And, cry out when you have been cheated, but only if there is something to be gained from your cries, for few people like a cry-baby. Be judicious, strategic, and select your battles wisely. Do not waste your time with trivial injustices, for we all make errors, and we are all, therefore, subject to the injustice of others. It is the very thought of exercising my freedom of last resort that keeps me alive, for it is the comfort that I can put an end to my suffering at any time that allows me to endure enormous pain. It is what gives me the courage to fight for what is right without fear of losing. It is a powerful freedom that you should never surrender! Just do not make pain your goal, or you will surely finish a loser. Then too, never place pleasure over goodness and know to distinguish between the two. In liberty, Roddy

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