Something Very Good Around the Corner

There is something very good around the corner, but it is not podcasts — well, at least, not yet.  I have spent the entire week learning the ins and outs of the Greenstock AP, and I am very excited about incorporating it into Grammar Captive’s Podcast Hostpage and elsewhere.  It has been good to get away from Matomo for a while.

I still have not found an appropriate place to podcast, but I am following a step-by-step process in an effort to find something secure and lasting.


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Life is full of surprises, but you can quit at anytime. No one owes you a living, but your parents, and even they are likely to make your life impossible, if you are not grateful. Certainly you are free to decide to be or not to be. The choice is yours; it is your freedom of last resort. Strive to be better, strive to be happy. Survival is a first step. It is primitive instinct. Although human, it does not distinguish you from other animals. So, if it is all that you want in life, please do not be surprised when others treat you like an ordinary animal.

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